April 15, 2018

Outta The Park Ep. 54, April 15. 2018 – Guests – Ben Wagner, Josh Thole

Mic Drop! Ehhh. Maybe not. Barry and Matt are joined by Ben Wagner and Josh Thole, the new radio broadcast team for the Toronto Blue Jays. Ben talks growing up in a small town, farming with the radio on and making his way into broadcasting. It’s a come from behind, underdog story that is truly inspiring. Turn on the radio, you’re literally hearing someone living their dream and we couldn’t be happier for Ben. Josh Thole, former Blue Jay and catcher of the uncatchable pitch, rejoins Outta The Park to talk about getting an unexpected phone call that led him into the broadcast booth. Josh talks nerves, getting comfortable and where he is headed. A terrible spring training might have been just the thing he needed. Jays Fans Around The Globe goes Cambodian. YEAH! The First pitch talks defying profiles and schmucks. Ask Barry Davis discusses Aaron Loup, DH’ing an unexpected player and salaries in baseball. The results of the Fair or Foul Poll prove that humanity might be saveable. The mics are on! For all of us. Lock it in, its Outta The Park. Listen On SoundCloud

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