May 13, 2018

Outta The Park Ep. 58, May 13 – Guest – Casey Janssen

The 4 seam wizard. Casey Janssen, former closer for the Toronto Blue Jays, joins Outta The Park for part 2 of our lengthly conversation with him. Casey touches on everything from walking into a clubhouse owned by a Roy Halladay in his prime, the transition from MiLB to MLB, his love of California sports teams and where’s he headed with his career. His answers mimic his pitching style – finessed. He offers great insight into the behind the scenes of the game. Jays Fans Across The Globe goes in-studio. Ask Barry Davis features a live studio audience and members of our UK listenership. The First Pitch talks Stroman, Osuna, Dickey and conspiracy theories.
The Fair or Foul Poll results are revealing… All hail the closer… Strap in! Listen On SoundCloud

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