May 20, 2018

Outta The Park Ep. 59, May 20, 2018 – Guests – J.A. Happ And Liz Knox

Ice in their veins… JA Happ, lefty hurler for The Toronto Blue Jays, joins the fun on Outta The Park. JA talks about the start of the season and how he’s integrated being a brand new Daddy into his regular routine. His contract status and his love for the city of Toronto are all discussed. Peru, yes Peru, is a topic of much discussion. Part 2 of our interview with him will air on our member’s show. He’ll take the time to answer our members’ questions. Liz Knox, goaltender for the Markham Thunder, stops by to discuss her career and being on the forefront of gender equality and equity in professional sports. Liz is well spoken and clear in her position on a subject that has become divisive and hot button. We thoroughly enjoy our time with her. How often do you hear a professional athlete say they’re calling you on their lunch break to talk? YEAH! That what went down. The First Pitch talks Votto. Ask Barry Davis discusses on-field bullpens and the differences between the shortstop and 2nd base position. The Fair or Foul Poll gives a rats ass. All that and more on the show that brings you the human side of sports. Stats and facts, yeah they’re great. But lets talk to the person that starts every 5 days! Lock it in. Listen On SoundCloud

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