May 27, 2018

Outta The Park Ep. 60, May 27, 2018 – Guests – Devon Travis, Lynn Shipley

It’s a family affair! Lynn Shipley, mother of Blue Jays starter Aaron Sanchez, joins Outta The Park from the Rogers Centre. Barry and Lynn discuss the many things that a baseball Mom experiences whilst watching her son pitch in the majors. Lynn discusses how she helps Aaron through a rough patch and how family vacations were structured around a rigorous baseball schedule. All this and much more from a person with a really interesting perspective. She just might be the most wonderful mother ever. Speaking of wonderful Mothers, Devon Travis joins us from Philadelphia. Devon discusses his recent return from AAA and how he felt being sent down to the minors in a season where he feels like he’s returning to health. He is profoundly honest and genuine with his answers. He talks about his Mom and the influence her firm but loving approach has had on his career. HE IS A SWEETHEART! Matt gets irritated and the censor button has to be implemented. The First Pitch talks breaking convention and how the Tampa Bay Rays are on the forefront of it. Ask Barry Davis gets deep into bunting and why Vlady Jr. hasn’t been promoted to AAA at the very least. The Fair or Foul Poll results are all about expectations and how they tie into the current state of your Toronto Blue Jays. Is there much more!? Yeah. You know how we roll. EPISODE 60! Lock it in… Listen On SoundCloud

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