August 5, 2018

Outta The Park Ep. 70, Aug 5, 2018 – Guests – Jason Grilli, Andrew Case

Bulldozers and bullpens. Jason Grilli, former Blue Jay and fan favourite, joins OTP to chat with Barry and Matt about rumours that he’s been spotted on an excavator. He’s not digging deep on the mound. He’s actually digging deep, allegedly. Jason discloses what is keeping him busy these days, channeling his adrenaline into endeavours outside of baseball and his thoughts on the current iteration of the Toronto Blue Jays. Andrew Case, he of one of the most glorious moustaches in minor league ball, talks being Canadian, curling and drinking beer whilst playing a sport. He’s an absolutely wonderful chat and will most definitely become a fan favourite when he makes his way to the Rogers Centre. The First Pitch discusses Camp Shatkins vs Camp AA and how you can only really pitch a tent in one park. Ask Barry Davis talks about the ins and outs (literally) of the 6-4-3 double play and how the number system works. The results of the Fair or Foul Poll reveal a haul of info. All that and much more. Buss’ out the sandwhich maker, cuz its time for some grilled cheese. FIST PUMP!!! Listen On SoundCloud

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