August 26, 2018

Outta The Park Ep. 73, Aug 26, 2018 – Guests – Sean Reid – Foley, Pat Malacaro

On location from Coca Cola Field! Outta The Park goes on the road to Coca Cola field to catch up with Sean Reid-Foley. Barry and Matt joined Sean on the field to recap his first major league start. Sean talks about his thoughts on the mound, the differences between the majors and triple AAA and how his upbringing affected his career path. Sean details the advice imparted on him by Blue Jays staff and talks about his prodigious moustache. Pat Malacaro, radio voice of the Buffalo Bisons, joined Barry and Matt to talk about the Bisons with a view from the top. Pat’s thoughts on Vlady, the up and coming Blue Jays and the players that are not being talked about but should be are all points of discussion. Pat chats about stepping in for Ben Wagner now that Ben has made the big leagues. The First Pitch talks empty lockers and how the game of baseball is in decline, as stated by some. Ask Barry Davis talks Osuna, pitching prospects and what the rotation will look like a year from now. The Fair or Foul Poll has been out all night and it shows. Buffalo never sounded so good! Its OTP in Bison town! Listen On SoundCloud

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