September 2, 2018

Outta The Park Ep. 74, Sept. 2, 2018 – Guest – Dalton Pompey

Lets get candid. Dalton Pompey, Blue Jays prospect and current Bison, chats with Barry about the life and times of the former. Dalton talks about dealing with the emotional aftermath of an emotional outburst that saw him go head to head with his manager and the feelings that led to him letting his emotions seep into a public forum. Everything from watching teammates get call ups to how he’s staying positive is uncovered. Its a candid look into the mind of an athlete. The First Pitch is, as you’d expect, about the trading of Josh Donaldson. Barry and Matt chat about the trade, where the Jays go from here and project what this will mean for the team next season. Fans are angry and the guys suss out what to make of it all. Ask Barry Davis talks Shapiro and Atkins and high performance training. Hot takes abound. Raj and Barry talk blisters in the medical room. The results of the fair or foul poll are revealed. All that and more! Listen On SoundCloud

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