September 23, 2018

Outta The Park Ep. 77, Sept 23, 2018 – Guests – Ryan And Matt Borucki

Borucki vs. Borucki The brothers trade barbs this week on Outta The Park. As a response to last weeks grenades dropped by Matt Borucki, Ryan Borucki joined Barry on the field at Rogers Centre to clear a few things up. Ryan talks about his relationship with the elder Borucki, his new found status amongst his friends and family and his plans for the off-season, which may surprise you and warm your heart if you’re a Canadian. Matt Borucki joins the show again to unload the second half of our chat with him. Matt talks about an interaction with a former NBA’er that will become legend on Outta The Park. He talks about his brother, video games and some interesting interactions with his wife. Truly, this guy is a personality. Just wow. Ask Barry Davis talks spit. Lots and lots of spit. Also leaf blowers. And spit. The First Pitch discusses the MLB Playoff format and how it should be adjusted. Matt posits an interesting alternative to the current iteration of playoff seeding. The results of the Fair or Foul Poll are revealed. Its all familial fencing on this week’s show. The Borucki Bro’s play Smash Brothers. Listen On SoundCloud

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