September 30, 2018

Outta The Park Ep. 78, Sept. 30, 2018 – Guests – Bailey Alford, Eric Smith

Lots of ball! We talk baseball, basketball and everything in between on episode 78 of OTP. Bailey Alford, wife of Blue Jays Anthony Alford, joins Barry and Matt to talk about the awesomeness of her hubby. Bailey is a pistol! She’s sunny, hilarious and helps us to continue our tales of what life is like on the other side of the athlete. She recounts her first date with her hubby, falling in love, how she helps Anthony to work through a bad patch on the field and what exactly a WAG is. We were blessed to chat with her and hope that its the start of a multiple conversation deal! Eric Smith, Toronto Raptors radio play by play voice, joined Barry to talk some velocihoops. Eric discusses the Raptors off season, LeBron’s gone, the laugh heard throughout the country and gives us a little insight into the enigma that is Kawhi Leonard. Friend of the show, Usman Ahmed, joins us from Pakistan to close out the Blue Jays season. Ask Barry Davis talks rivalries and whom to follow after the Jays are put to bed for the season. The First Pitch talks Gibby. Lots and lots of Gibby. The results of the Fair or Foul Poll are weighted to one side and then some. All that and absolutely TONS more. This one is bursting at the seams like Bailey is bursting with personality. We adore her and so will you. Listen On SoundCloud

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