December 16, 2018

Outta The Park Ep. 89, Dec 16, 2018 – Guest – Rowdy Tellez

One of the most rambunctious guests in OTP history. In a landmark chat, Rowdy Tellez joins Barry and Matt for a conversation that takes wild swings between hilarity, verbal sparring and grief. Rowdy, conceivably the foremost conversation on the tongues of Toronto baseball fans from this past September, recalls a story about Barry Davis that sets the tone for the entire conversation. From there the trio touch on flatulence in the batters box, conversations on first base, Tulo’s influence on the clubhouse, Devon Travis and getting called up to the bigs. In the final stretch of our chat we talk about the death of Rowdy’s Mom and the touching sentiments that surround such a tragedy. Rowdy is already one of our favourite interactions. The First Pitch discusses the danger of liking tweets and a Scott Boras quote that is rife with sense. Ask Barry Davis dives into Jordan Romano’s Rule 5 pickup and trade, one that secures his exit out of the Blue Jays organization. We are sad to see him go. Raj Suppiah talks hernia’s and how to deal with such a medical issue. The results of the Fair or Foul Poll get Gurriel. All that and more. MUCH MORE! LET’S GET ROWDY. Listen On SoundCloud

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