Outta The Park, Ep. 94, Jan 27, 2019 - Guests - John Axford, Michael Saunders

By: Matt The Producer. Posted in: New,Outta the Park(Episodes) on January 27, 2019

There ain’t nothing like a comeback movie!
Two former Blue Jays join Barry and Matt this week and they are armed with hopes of a return to the majors.
John Axford, noted movie buff and former Blue Jay, caught up with Barry at a recent Canada Baseball event.  The two chat about John’s time with the Blue Jays and getting the chance to live out a dream, sitting in the bullpen and observing the proceedings at the Rogers Centre. 
John’s story is a one of rags to riches as he was a non drafted free agent with no signing bonus.  He’s playing in the majors because he earned every strikeout along the way.  
The guys discuss movies and what movie John feels Barry should get out and see immediately.  
Michael Saunders, former Blue Jay all-star, also caught up with Barry and the two chatted about his comeback bid in the majors.
Armed with a positive outlook and health on his side, Michael looks to start anew with a brand new team. Barry and he chat about his kids, the support of his family and his new hobby – something that has helped to relieve the stress associated with performing at a high level.
Raj Suppiah and Barry chat about Kawhi Leonard and load maintenance. 
The First Pitch focuses on Roy Halladay’s entrance into the MLB Hall of Fame and fans bent out of shape about his family’s decision regarding the team Doc enters the hall with.
Ask Barry Davis talks Teoscar and the Halladay situation is unpacked. 
The results of the Fair or Foul Poll are revealed and they get wintry.  
They just wanna go the distance and we can’t wait. 

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