February 3, 2019

Outta The Park Ep. 95, Feb 3, 2019 – Guest – Tom Henke

He’s been sent from the future to terminate batters.

Tom Henke, former Blue Jay and legend in the baseball community, joins Barry and Matt to chart his journey to the bigs and beyond.

From his shy beginnings in Missouri, the growth spurt that came out of nowhere and his large family, Tom opens up allowing us to see the man behind the machine.

How did he achieve a 100mph fastball in an era where that was almost impossible? He tells us.

His time as a Jay and his reasoning for leaving the nest are explored. Of paramount important to Tom is his role as a family man. The trio discuss the ins and outs of the Henke family and how they balanced ball and family life.

The First Pitch discusses newest Blue Jay Freddie Galvis and what his acquisition means for the roster.

Ask Barry Davis features chats on Galvis, Devon Travis and Ken Giles future with the Jays. Payroll is also autopsied.

Raj Suppiah joins Barry in the medical room to discuss proper snow shovelling techniques. Save your back thanks to Raj.

The results of the Fair or Foul Poll are Patriotic. Gahhh.

All that and mounds more.

GET DOWN with the Terminator.

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