Outta The Park Ep. 96, Feb 10, 2019 - Guest - Joe Biagini

By: Matt The Producer. Posted in: New,Outta the Park(Episodes) on February 10, 2019

Strap in cuz the band’s back together.

Barry and his foil, Joseph Biagini, along with Matt get together to talk about exactly what you’d think they’d chat about. Anything and everything.

The origins of Google, aliens and the differences between the moon roof and a sun roof on a Mazda are all topics that are touched on. We learning about tinkling and we’re not talking about the ivories.

It swerves violently back and forth but the guys do manage to chat some baseball.

The rules of the Rule 5 draft are unpacked and we’re not sure if we actually get anywhere with the answers we happen upon.

It’s Joe, you know what we’re getting.

The First Pitch discusses the sale of the Jose Bautista Bat Flip ball. Matt uses the sale as the impetus for a history lesson on the auction of sports memorabilia. Millions get thrown asunder.

Ask Barry Davis tackles trolls and falsehoods. Further, cutting cable and title designations are addressed.

The results of the Fair or Foul Poll are revealed and baseball purists will unite in approval. It’s a chorus of historians.

All that and much more Biagini part 1.

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