February 17, 2019

Outta The Park Ep. 97, Feb 15, 2019 – Guest – Scott Downs

All the way from Kentucky!

Scott Downs, former Blue Jay rubber armer, joined Barry to chat about his career and where we find him at present.

The guys get into pronunciation of Louisville and volunteering at the high school that he attended. Its a story of full circle.

How was the transition from MLB player to being retired. Was he pacing around the house? Was there a significant change to his body clock?

Barry and Scott dive into some of the proposed rule changes in the MLB and Scott offers his opinion on where he thinks the MLB should go from the perspective of someone who played the game.

He’s quick to laugh and about as nice a person as you’ll ever come across.

The First Pitch discusses the arbitration case with Ryan Tepera and his recent thoughts on the process. Spoiler: he’s not happy.

Ask Barry Davis deals with the aforementioned MLB pace of play rule changes. What is the “microwave era?” Barry explains. What are the guys thinking about the signing of John Axford?

The Fair or Foul Poll takes a definitive stance.

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