February 25, 2019

Outta The Park Ep. 98, Feb 24, 2019 – Guest – Clayton Richard

First impressions are everything.

Ohhhh boy, do we make one.

Clayton Richard, one of the newer Blue Jays, joins Barry and Matt to get acquainted with Toronto and the ballyhoo that is Outta The Park.

The guys chat about Canadian weather, the differences between essentials in Canada and the US and, inevitably, the subject of milk arises. It’s nuts what Clayton suggests Canadians do with their milk.

It could also be an inspired thought.

The trio discuss dealing with the family and the baseball life. How do they deal with education? What had they heard about the Blue Jays organization from outsiders looking in?

Clayton charts his come up and his strong sense of family. Was he an athlete in school and what led him to professional baseballing?

In the spirit of Matt Shoemaker, Clayton really takes to sparring with Barry and Matt. It appears as though Michigan and Indiana natives are exceedingly quick witted.

The First Pitch discusses the Blue Jays starting rotation that is seemingly set. It’s unfamiliar for Jays fans to have a manager be so candid about his thoughts on the starting arms.

Ask Barry Davis discusses Dioner Navarro and Freddie Galvis. Is he a stop gap until the Calvary arrives?

The Fair or Foul Poll is divided!

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