December 15, 2017

Outta The Park Extra Dec 15, 2017 – Guests – Kevin Goodman And Chris Sutherland

Now we’re getting outside the box. On OTP Extra we talk to 2 guys involved in the music business in ways you wouldn’t expect. Kevin Goodman, owner of Front Row Centre Marketing, hosts Barry and Matt in an out-of-studio interview. Kevin’s company pairs artists with brands in an effort to make 1 plus 1 equal 3. Its truly some mad scientist stuff… What does toilet paper and music have in common? Lots, apparently! Chris Sutherland, affectionately titled “the drummer for everybody” by Matt, joins the show. Chris talks being the lead stick-smith for Toronto’s “Bat Out Of Hell” musical. The pitfalls of theatre drumming, the rush of playing a perfect show and his experiences playing behind Tom Cochran and Kim Mitchell are all touched on. Alan Frew, of Glass Tiger, joins the show for his Desert Island Disc. A Pause for Thought, The Word of The Week (a Christmas themed beauty) and Crazy News show up for the proceedings. You like Green Day? The OTP band rips through some… All that…. Lock, meet locksmith. Listen On SoundCloud

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