December 1, 2017

Outta The Park Extra Ep. 4, Dec. 1:17 – Guest – Chuck Keeping of Big Wreck

Yes, we know. More drummers! DEAL WITH IT! Just kidding. But seriously, Chuck Keeping of Big Wreck joins the show to talk to Barry and Matt. From small town beginnings to big stages, Chuck talks about his career and how he works with one of the most revered guitarists in Canada, Ian Thornley. Chuck discusses the upcoming tour for the 20th Anniversary of Big Wreck’s “In Loving Memory Of.” Salt of the earth, just like a drummer. Jeremy Taggart gives us his “Desert Island Disc.” A Pause for Thought and Crazy News all feature. Barry and the boys perform a classic Billy Idol song. Lock it in. The drummers are in charge! Listen On SoundCloud

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