January 12, 2018

Outta The Park Extra! Jan 12, 2018 – Guest – Miss Emily

Miss Emily takes the stage. Kingston, ON resident, Miss Emily, joins Outta The Park Extra! to talk about being a full-time musician, full-time Mom and everything in between. Carrying speaker systems up flights of stairs, in high heels, and being a musical chameleon are topics that are touched on and are all death with laughs and insightfulness from one of the best interviews on OTPE! to date. Miss Emily truly takes control of an interview and Barry and Matt hold on for the ride. A Pause for Thought talks Audrey Hepburn. The word of the week gets latin. Crazy News gets, well… CRAZY. An OTPE! listener sends in a Crazy News story, in what we hope will become a trend. All that and much, much more. Lock it in…. Listen On SoundCloud

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