January 5, 2018

Outta The Park Extra! Jan 5, 2018 – Guests – Jesse Cook And Martyn Jones

Canadian nuevo flamenco guitarist Jesse Cook joins OTPE! to talk about the music he creates. Living in multiple diverse cultures has shaped Jesse’s guitar playing in a way you’ve rarely heard. Jazz, rumba, flamenco and the like are all used to create a fusion of wonder. He also speaks eloquently and is a great interview. Martyn Jones, from the 80’s band Refugee talks playing gigs in Zimbabwe and having to escape the country under the cover of darkness. In something that sounds like a Hollywood film, Martyn discusses being held in Africa for a month, not sure if he was ever going home. The OTP Band plays some Bowie. A Pause for Thought gets sentimental. Word of the week gets educated and hopeful. Crazy News may or may not involve ummm… (insert emoji here.)
All that and much more. Lock it in! Listen On SoundCloud

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