October 25, 2017

Outta The Park MIDWEEK – Guests – Hayley Wickenheiser And Derry Grehan

Outta The Park MIDWEEK is a celebration of Canada. Rock and hockey converge. Hayley Wickenheiser, multiple medal winner at 5 different Olympic games, joins the show. Bucking trends as a female athlete, the Olympics, her teammates and new initiatives are just a few of the topics touched on. Derry Grehan, guitarist for Canada’s Honeymoon Suite, talks about breaking into the US market, recording with super producers and a new generation discovering his music. Adam Goodman kicks off a new segment called “On The Court.” Running on the field at a sporting event is discussed at length. A Pause for Thought, The Word of The Week and Crazy News all feature. All that and sooo much more, as usual. Lock it in. Listen On SoundCloud

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