February 2, 2018

Outta The Park Sessions Ep. 1, Feb 2:18, Guest – Brad Merritt Of 54.40

On the inaugural voyage on OTP Sessions, Barry and Matt are joined by bass player Brad Merritt of 54.40. Brad talks about the genesis of the name of the band, songwriting and having your song become another band’s hit. You’ll go blind listening to this story. Brad is affable, hilarious and totally willing to spar with the OTP boys.
Bass players…who knew!? Chi Mix Barry hijacks Crazy stories and wrestles it to the ground. Word of the week gets venomous. If you’re a troll you best be hiding. A pause for thought also touches on Matt’s hatred for haters. Its an emotionally charged episode. Prepare to feel stuff. The boys are on boil. ALL OF THEM. Listen On SoundCloud

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