April 6, 2018

Outta The Park Sessions, Ep. 10, April 6, 2018 – Guest – Cassie Dasilva

Welcome to her castle… Cassie Dasilva, Universal Music Canada recording artist, joins Barry and Matt on OTP Sessions. 24 year old Cassie discusses her journey from flipping burgers to signing with a major label and the twists and turns in between. She’s fun, she’s affable and she’s put the time to make it this far. Its a wonderful story to help kick off your weekend. A Pause for Thought is simple but thankful. There will be no soup and silence in this week’s Crazy Stories offering. The OTP Band goes grunge with a Seattle favourite. All that and much more. Its Friday, lets have a session… Visit Cassie Dasilva at: Listen On SoundCloud

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