February 9, 2018

Outta The Park Sessions Ep. 2, Feb 9, 2018 – Guests – The Viva Trio

Lets Opera! We mean that in the most rock way possible. WHAT? The Viva Trio joins the show to talk about being a classical/pop/rock crossover. Barry and Matt talk song selection with the 3 singers from this Canadian ensemble. The ladies chat on playing with a symphony, touring with a large group and playing an iconic Metallica song in a way you’ve never heard.
Its a high spirited, jovial interview that will leave you smiling. Crazy News absolutely BOILS OVER. 5 Burgers! A Pause for Thought pays it forward and the Word of the Week gets phlegmy. All that and much more. Nothing Else Matters, its Friday, have a Session! Lock it in… Listen On SoundCloud

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