February 23, 2018

Outta The Park Sessions Ep. 4, Feb 23, 2018 – Guest – Michael Sadler

Rock and Roll conundrums! Michael Sadler, lead singer and guitarist from Canadian prog rock band Saga, joins the show. Michael talks about his 40 years in the band, being a daddy, and hanging up the mic when the band is at the top of its game. Germany and Puerto Rico, what do they have in common? Find out! Mike is loquacious and a wonderful guest. Barry goes right off the deep end with his Crazy story when he dives into the “Paul is dead” rumours that plagued the Beatles in their heyday. Matt turns his nose up. THIS WHOLE THING IS BONKERS. A Pause for Thought gets in through the out door. The Word of the Week holds hands. All that and a whole lot more… Lock it in. Listen On SoundCloud

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