March 30, 2018

Outta The Park Sessions Ep. 9, March 30, 2018 – Guests – Carl Dixon, Ori Dagan

Those voices! OTP Sessions is proud to be joined by two of the most wonderful male vocalists Canada has ever produced. Carl Dixon, friend of the show, joins Barry and Matt for pt. 2 of his interview. Carl talks about his time with The Guess Who, April Wine and Coney Hatch. Yeah, seriously. That’s his resume. His career beginnings and his “right place, right time” habit are all touched on. Ori Dagan, Toronto Jazz crooner, also joins us. Ori’s voice, even over the phone, has Matt just gushing. Beautiful and baritone, Ori talks about his most recent album, Nathaniel: A Tribute to Nat King Cole. Ori chats about bringing Jazz to the masses and having all star players on his albums. Carolyn Scott, OTP listener, member and news correspondent, joins the list of talented people that are featured “In The Studio.” Holy, does she do Toto’s Africa justice. You’ll enjoy this. A Pause for Thought talks Lamborghini. Crazy Stories talks opening doors and heat. Lock it in! Its Friday, lets have a session! Listen On SoundCloud

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