June 15, 2018

Outta The Park Sessions, June 15, 2018 – Guests – Ed Roman, David Vest

A bathtub full of Lego and a plutonium lunch box on a boogie woogey piano. Lock it in, things are about to get charming. Ed Roman, eclectic songwriter extraordinaire, stops by the OTP studios to talk about everything under the sun. You’ve rarely listened to someone with such a unique take on life, songwriting, politics and everything in the betweenist of between. Ed takes the time out to play for Barry and Matt and they share more than a dollop of laughs between them. What a wonderful guy. David Vest, a man that puts the gentleman in Southern Gentleman, chats with the OTP boys about growing up in the southern US, playing boogey woogey piano and sharing the stage with some luminaries. David, calling in from BC, is just the sweetest most charismatic man. You’re gonna adore him. Crazy stories talks snakes and goes off on a Def Leppard tangent that will have you googling the details. A Pause for Thought is kind. In My Life is nostalgic. All that and a bag of chips with the dip… Its Friday, kick you’re feet up. Listen On SoundCloud

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