Outta The Park Sessions, May 25, 2018 - Guests - Crack Of Dawn

By: admin. Posted in: Sessions(Episodes) on May 25, 2018

Who’s ready for some horns? Trevor Daley and Alvin Jones, horn players and members of Canadian funk group Crack of Dawn, stop by for a lengthly conversation in the OTP Studios. The guys are quick to laugh and are full of amazing stories about their rise to fame in the 1970’s, their lengthly hiatus and their improbable return that has the industry buzzing. They talk about the shift in the music industry, their big break, their breakup and much more in a story that will have you smiling throughout. Truly a charismatic duo. Crazy Stories talks the Eagles and a farewell present that almost led to medical distress. A desert island disc goes hometown AND to Florida. Buckle in and get those platform shoes out. Its brass that will kick your….bottom. Lock it in. Listen On SoundCloud

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