May 4, 2018

Outta The Park Sessions, May 4, 2018 – Guests – Dan McKinnon, Smitty Kingston

Cue the guitar based song writers. Smitty Kingston, solo acoustic country songwriter, stops by OTP Sessions to talk about his viral song, “Stick Outside the Door.” Smitty discusses how the tragedy in Humboldt led to him writing to song and where its taken him. Its a wonderful tribute to those affected by such a horrible incident. He’s candid and warm whilst discussing a tragic event. Dan McKinnon, baseball fan and blues/rock gunslinger, chats with Barry and Matt about his roots, his favourite guitarists, stealing cars and how to get away with it – kinda. Dan is a riot. Both Smitty and Dan are members of a long line of wonderful six stringed interviewees. We thank them for their time. In the studio plays some Bruce. Not the Bruce that you’re thinking of, but a great musician none the less. Crazy news discusses delicacies in the UK and that curious smell in space. All that on a trip that uses the scenic route. Sit back and enjoy. Its Friday, so its time for a Session. Please visit: Listen On SoundCloud

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