December 22, 2017

Ridiculous Rules In Sports

The text that follows is the listener submissions for the”Speaking Of” segment of Outta The Park Ep. 29. You can listen to the episode here. Thanks for all the entries!



Replying to @BarryDavis_

Not allowed to argue balls and strikes, and non reviewable

MLB instant replay. Why give managers the chance to talk to the eye in the sky to find out if it’s good? Make it instantaneous.

MLB International signing rules for players under 25. The Ohtani Rule.

Get rid of the extra room behind the nets in hockey. Make more room in  the scoring areas. Nobody wants to see scrums behind the nets.

NFL rule about standing for the anthem

Single point in the CFL. Get rid of it.

Basketball players should be able to change on the fly like hockey.

The appeal to 1st/3rd on a check swing is ridiculous.  100% random.  Get rid of it or change how it’s applied.

In our HDTV world, why does the visiting NHL team always wear white? When the Leafs and Red Wings play, it’d look so much better in their Blue / Red colour sweaters.

Goaltenders should be allowed to play the puck anywhere. The rule restricts using their skills

NHL: The tucked in Jersey rule. Waste of time.

That stupid catcher can’t block the plate rule.

Designated hitter – either everyone has it or no one has it.

Name: Dan

Twitter Handle: DanInPHX

Question: For the Speaking Of segment. Any NFL penalty called and subsequently enforced that had absolutely no impact on the play it occurred on, personal fouls excluded.

Twitter Handle: @jimbeland

Segment: Ask Barry Davis

Who: Both

Question: What do you guys think about a point going to the losing NHL team in overtime or a shootout? I wish they would get rid of that extra point and go to a straight wins/losses format. The NHL is the only major North American pro sports league that does it, and although NHL overtime is awesome doubt that it would get watered down if both teams weren’t guaranteed a point. I’m curious as to your thoughts on the matter. (As a side note, I love three on three in OT and I love the shootout).

Twitter Handle: daveek42

Segment: Other

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Question: Speaking of…welcome to my rant about the infield fly rule – correct me if I’m wrong but when an infield fly is called the batter is essentially called out so that the fielders can’t manipulate it to get 2 outs. A good rule in itself. However…surely the fielding team needs to then make the play for him to be out. I believe right now even if they fail to make the catch then the batter is still out. I feel if they drop the ball then the batter should get 1st and the other runners should move up a base. As I say…correct (very quietly) if I’m wrong… Thanks guys!!

Al Vanderlaan


Replying to @BarryDavis_

Canceling of penalty (to be called) if non-offending team scores a goal.  They got no advantage to score goal so why is penalty not called

Vaughn Davidson


Replying to @BarryDavis_

NHL:  Icing the puck on the penalty kill.  Why?  It gives the territorial advantage to the team taking the penalty.  No icing allowed ever.



Replying to @BarryDavis_

Warmup pitches by relievers on the mound…That’s what the bullpen is for.


Replying to @BarryDavis_

In the NFL, if you fumble in the opponent’s end zone, it’s a touchback and the other team gets the ball. Ridiculous


Brett Snider  @brettksnider


Replying to @BarryDavis_

I’ve always found it strange that in the NHL you can’t ice the puck. But if you get a penalty, then you can. A reward for breaking rule??


Twitter Handle: @michellehacon

Segment: Other

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Question: For Speaking of: The Chase Utley Rule


Twitter Handle: @jlparizeau

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Question: Speaking Of. One of the dumbest rules in sports is in hockey where a hand pass is illegal everywhere on the ice EXCEPT within your defensive zone. Why give players in their own zone an edge like that? Makes no sense.


Twitter Handle: @jaysfanjordan

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Question: Rules that don’t make sense in sport MLB Appeals- you can make a video review appeal on a foul ball that first bounces past the bases but not one that first bounces in the infield before the bases

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