August 10, 2018

Sessions, Aug 10, 2018 – Guest – John Angus MacDonald Of The Trews

HOLD ME…. IN YOUR ARMS!!!!! Matt is gonna lose his mind. John Angus MacDonald, of The Trews fame, joins Barry and Matt to talk about the upcoming release of their latest album Civilianaires. The boys chat about the band’s conscious decision to go in a different direction and chart the band’s history from the perspective of a member of the band. John Angus talks about working with super producers and he and Barry gush about The Beatles and then gush some more. Its a Lennon/McCartney love in. The tail end of the interview gets political, with John Angus getting into the band’s stance on Trump. The bleep button comes out! Crazy Stories talks horrific mating rituals in the animal kingdom and vandalism with bodily waste. A Pause for Thought gets kissy. In My Life strikes out. A Desert Island disc gets classic. All that and more. Trew dat. Listen On SoundCloud

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