August 17, 2018

Sessions, Aug 17, 2018 – Guest – Tia McGraff

A little Americana for ya. Tia McGraff helps Barry and Matt get to the bottom of exactly what that means. Tia, chatting with the boys from Port Dover, ON, talks about how moving to Nashville not only furthered her craft as a songwriter but also helped her discover love and a writing partner all rolled into one. A myriad of topics are touched on, ranging from what inspires her to bringing her trusted dog on the road and the challenges that raises. Kurt Nielsen stops by for The Bassline. The passing of Aretha Franklin is discussed and Kurt outlines the accolades that have dotted a career that can only be described as prodigious and prolific. When you hear how many studio albums Aretha released you will be shocked. A Pause for Thought talks the weight of water. In My Life talks cops and maybes. Crazy Stories uses GPS’s to track ramen noodle thefts. All that and much more on Sessions. Lets get Transylvanian, pseudo-Irish with a dash of Scottish tossed in, garnished with some Nashvillian Americana in Port Dover. You’ll understand soon enough. Listen On SoundCloud

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