August 24, 2018

Sessions, Aug 24, 2018 – Guests – Cory M. Coons, Ori Dagan

This one is PACKED! Sessions has brought a cacophony of musicians to keep you listening this weekend. Cory M. Coons, writer of melodic rock, joined Barry to talk about his return to the music that made him write in the first place and how he had to dive into his past to propel his future. Cory talks about playing the Whiskey A Go-Go in LA and how surreal it was to be playing in the very place that many of the bands that he idolized got their start. He talks songwriting, his roots and how a move pushed his career forward. Ori Dagan rejoins us on Sessions to talk about how his latest album has blown up since we last spoke. Ori chats about his love of Nat King Cole and how the jazz scene has embraced his latest project. Kurt Nielsen is HEATED on the Bassline. He chats about missed opportunities regarding walk up music at Jays games. Its a wonderful tie in for our music and sports related content. Crazy Stories is all about Nasa and losing a contact lens for 28 years, only to find it in a medically unusual place. A Pause for Thought plays chicken. In My Life finally names a prominent figure that was otherwise anonymous. More is not a possibility. We’re bursting this week. Enjoy. Listen On SoundCloud

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