December 14, 2018

Sessions, Dec. 14, 2018 – Guest – Kelsi Mayne

A little bit Country. Actually, a whole lot. Kelsi Mayne, buzzing Canadian Country Star, joined Barry in studio to perform and chart her journey. She talks dive clubs in small towns and the push from unlikely sources to move her talents to the big city. Joined by her guitarist Annette, the trio discuss nursing school, festivals and the songwriting process that involves mining the depths of emotion. Kelsi’s featured on the NHL’s Hometown Hockey. How’d that happen? She’s affable, her voice is lush and emotive and she’s a wonderful conversation. You’re gonna love Kelsi. Kurt Neilsen joins us from a streetcar to discuss the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees on the Opening Track. Crazy Stories deals with nuptials and Father Christmas freak outs. All that plus the results of the Sessions Poll. Hop up in the bar and dance away. Kelsi will join ya! Listen On SoundCloud

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