December 21, 2018

Sessions, Dec 21, 2018 – Guests – Tyler Armes, Zoelly

A fresh voice and a fresh start. Tyler Armes, bass player for Canadian pop rock band Down with Webster, joins Barry and Matt to talk about putting Webster on the back burner and starting up a new project, dubbed Honors. Tyler discusses the genesis of his new band, the thought process being pushing pause on a successful, well known brand, and how his family and record label feels about the new direction. Its a ballsy move, and one that the Honors guys felt was necessary. Zoelly, up and coming Canadian singer/songwriter, called into the Sessions studio to chat about her new single and balancing music school, writing music, makeup and being 16 and buzzing in the music industry. Its a wonderful to see a musician, in her early stages, with this much poise and enthusiasm. She’s bubbly and fantastic. The Opening Track chats about Foreigner’s Lou Gramm and his struggles with health. Matt chimes in to talk 2018 tour revenue. A Pause for Thought is on about cacti. In My Life is lawful – sorta. Crazy Stories features real animals and those of a cryptozoological nature. All that and more. It was an Honor to chat with our artists this week. 😉 Listen On SoundCloud

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