February 15, 2019

Sessions, Feb 15, 2019 – Guest – Myles Goodwyn Of April Wine

Say Hello to Myles Goodwyn.

The founder member, lead singer and principle songwriter joins Barry and Matt on Sessions to chat about his new album and the journey that was April Wine.

He tells a tale of a lost guitar that managed to find its way back to its owner. Its an almost creepy level story that would be, very easily, something out of a movie.

Myles chats about his new blues album and the sequel that is on the way and how recording in 2019 is different than recording in the 1970’s. Myles is quick to extol the virtues of modern technology and how the sonic landscape has changed as a result.

Where does his find inspiration today? What’s the status of April Wine?

These questions are answered as well as a whole lot more.

Crazy Stories details a kinder version of our affable host.

A Pause for Thought talks alpha and omega.

Crazy Stories is adult with a side of roses. Its a valentine special to be sure – all the way from Finland

The results of the Sessions Poll unpack the Grammys.

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