February 22, 2019

Sessions Feb 22, 2019 – Guest – Molly Johnson

Does the passage of time effect on the sound of musical output?

If Molly Johnson is any indication the answer is a resounding yes. The Canadian singer/songwriter charts her journey from being a teenager playing clubs all the way up to the Junos.

She’s worked with everybody and then everybody else along the way. Molly details her new album and some of the absolute heavyweights she has gracing her tracks. Her collaborations with some of the music industry’s notables make for wonderful tales of productivity.

What style of music has Molly not written in? Why? How did she come to do a cover of Marvin Gaye’s Inner City Blues?

How did a sibling open the doors for musical connections? All these questions and more are answered in her chat with Barry.

The Opening Track focuses on P!nk’s new single and upcoming album. There are some political undertones that hit the mark.

Crazy Stories features a follow up story to the USB found in the seal poop and a lottery ticket switch that resulted in lawful intervention.

A Pause for Thought talks impact.

In My Life bemoans ticket sales.

All that and more….

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