February 8, 2019

Sessions, Feb 7, 2019 – Guests – Andrea Ricci, Zach Oliver

Its interesting how fate plays its hand.

Andrea Ricci, up and comer singer/songwriter from Quebec joined Barry and Matt to chat about her career and her strange connection to Luciano Pavarotti.

Andrea discusses her writing process and her manager, who sent her material to a famous someone on a whim only to have an invite to collaborate accompany a reply. This is the stuff that builds careers in an instant and the story is not to be missed.

Zach Oliver, born in the UK but residing in Canada joins Barry and Matt to continue the theme of meeting someone that changes the direction of one’s career.

In typical fashion, the guys take the winding road to get there and the myriad of topics include British food, to Zach’s musical influences ranging from ColdPlay to Stevie Wonder.

Have you ever had a bacon buddy or spotted dick? Hold on to your hats, those are subjects that arise. Laughing ensues.

Crazy Stories dives into USB’s and personal hygiene or a distinct lack thereof.

The Opening Track focuses on using one’s celebrity for the greater good of those less fortunate. Its a wonderful gesture by someone in a position of power in the world of music.

A Pause for Thought runs.

In My Life worries.

The results of the Sessions Poll are revealed.

All that and more!

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