January 11, 2019

Sessions, Jan 11, 2019 – Guest – Samantha Kives Of K – Tel Records

But wait, there’s more!

Samantha Kives, daughter of Philip Kives – the creator of K-Tel records, joins Barry and Matt to chat about her father, their company and the resurgence of one of their most treasured products – The Mini Pops.

Matt gushes about dreaming about girls whilst listening to the Mini Pops and Samantha charts the journey of the band from its inception, through to faltering, and now the resurgence that is leading a nostalgia love in for all things 80’s.

Philip’s daughter discusses her reasoning for working with her father, his passing and the legacy that he’s left behind.

From millions of household products to compilation albums, Philip was a mastermind at branding and marketing things you never knew you needed but couldn’t live without once you owned it.

Its a wonderful, warm chat with a daughter that is carrying on her Dad’s penchant for success.

The opening track dissects the rankings of every Van Halen song. The Sessions boys ARE NOT HAPPY.

Crazy Stories talks jewellery and a meal that Hannibal Lecter would enjoy.

A Pause for Thought is shadowy while In My Life is productive.

The results of the Sessions poll are revealed.

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