Sessions Jan 18, 2019 - Guests - Barney Bentall, Adrian Sutherland

By: Matt The Producer. Posted in: Sessions(Episodes) on January 18, 2019

Honest songwriters.

This week’s Sessions features two men that write songs from the heart.

Barney Bentall, Juno award winning artist, checks in with Barry and discusses his new material. The guys chart Barney’s career, his self imposed hiatus, the return to the stage and everything in between.

How does he balance having a family with his pursuits? What’s it like writing music with his children? You’ll find out.

Adrian Sutherland, lead singer/songwriter from Midnight Shine, chats with Barry and Matt about crafting music from an indigenous perspective. The guys discuss living in Canada’s north, surviving poverty and worse and how Adrian is trying to make a difference with his music.

It’s all at once melancholy and uplifting to hear what Adrian is doing to highlight the plight of his people.

The First Pitch talks about a knight.

A Pause for Thought crosses the plate.

In My Life lacks confidence.

Crazy Stories is heartwarming for a change.

All that and much much more.

It’s Friday! Have a Session.

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