Sessions, Jan 25, 2019 - Guest - Sass Jordan

By: Matt The Producer. Posted in: Sessions(Episodes) on January 25, 2019

And she comes out swinging!

Sass Jordan, iconic Canadian rocker, joined Barry to chat about her latest endeavour.

We’ll give you a hint – it has nothing to do with music but it’s something musicians enjoy.

Sass’s new wine is the focal point of the chat and she approaches her foray into the world of spirits in the same way that she approaches her music – with fire and passion.

She and Barry discuss the inception of her latest offering, the help she received along the way and what an oaked wine and an unoaked wine taste like.

Chardonnay, you say? It’s talked about!

New Orleans and new music are all mentioned in one of the most rapid fire chats in Sessions history.

The Opening Track features a chat about Lady Gaga and her dominance in today’s entertainment landscape.

Crazy Stories busts out the Roomba and changes some diapers in an aircraft carrier.

A Pause for Thought gets somewhere.

In My Life is iconic on the melon.

All that and tons more in this weeks Sessions.

Take the High Road Easy and pour a glass of some Kick Ass Sass.

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