January 5, 2019

Sessions, Jan 4, 2019 – Guest – Sandra Bouza

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Sandra Bouza, singer/songwriter joins Barry and Matt to chat about her new music, much of which has been inspired by her battles with addiction.

Sandra charts her musical journey, from learning how to play piano on a piece of paper, to grinding it out in the bar scene hers is a story that is told by many, but in a way expressed by few.

She’s quick with a quote and feels about music deeply.

The trio mine the depths of darkness and chat about what helped her find her way. It’s harrowing.

The Opening Track discusses the unfortunate passing of “Walk of The Earth’s” Mike Taylor. Barry chimes in with the richest songwriters on record.

Crazy Stories gets Playboy-ish whilst calling 911.

A Pause for Thought is for Motorheads while In My Life fronts money.
All that and much, much more.

Let’s chat with a wonderful artist, shall we?

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