July 6, 2018

Sessions July 6, 2018 – Guests – Les Stroud, Cassie Dasilva

Cold Big Macs, rough cuts and campfires. You know how we do it on Sessions. Little a this, little a that. Les Stroud, best known as Survivor Man on TV, joins us to talk about the music career many didn’t know existed. Les has shared the stage with the likes of Journey, plays a mean harmonica and talks with Barry and Matt about his music career. Its a story of girls, hockey, songwriting and incremental successes that have landed him here. He’s survived more than the wild! Cassie Dasilva, friend of the show and Universal Canada artist, checks in to talk about her new single. Rough Cut is a song about relationships, but as it turns out the roughest part might be Cassie’s choice of locations for a photo shoot! ;). She talks Nashville, writing camps, working in groups with people that eat glue. Crazy News talks McDonalds and the absolute most vindictive breakup story ever. Honestly – this person should be ashamed of themselves. A Pause for Thought talks taking hits. In My Life talks selfishness. There’s music from our lovely artists and laughs from our hosts. All that and more. Its time for a Session. Listen On SoundCloud

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