June 22, 2018

Sessions, June 22, 2018 – Guest – Arlene Paculan

Be our guest! Grab the candles, castles and creatures cuz we’re about to CROON! Arlene Paculan, Canadian songstress, joins Barry and Matt on Sessions. She may be the sweetest person alive and the boys have the most wonderful time chatting with Arlene about all things music, figure skating and 90’s Alternative Rock. She’s soulful, she’s pop and she’s gracious. Arlene’s tale is riveting in that she battled her personality to discover her talent and has turned an endeavour that most find daunting into a full blown career. Do you like Disney? You’ll LOVE Arlene. Trust us. Crazy News gets dark. Like winter solstice, darkest day of the year dark – with a slight smirk for good measure. In My Life continues the thread of following Barry through his grade 12 year of high school. He was not smooth. Not in any way. A desert island disc gets Roman. All that and an adventurous spirit with Arlene. Its a Session, lets drop the needle. Listen On SoundCloud

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