June 29, 2018

Sessions June 29, 2018 – Guest – Moe Berg of The Pursuit of Happiness

Are you an Adult Now? Moe Berg, principle songwriter and mind behind Canada’s “The Pursuit of Happiness” joins Matt and Barry on location at Burlington’s “Sound of Music” Festival. The three talk about the genesis of the band and how they went viral before that was even a glint in the eyes of the public consciousness. Moe discusses guerrilla video shooting and having a song that you never thought would be more than a demo become an anthem. Its a wonderful “what the heck story.” Crazy News discusses David Bowie’s diet and trips to far off places. Also, pitchers throwing through unfortunate circumstances are also touched on. Trust us, this guy is a trooper. In My Life gets pathetic in 1985. A Desert Island Disc is Across The Board. A Pause for Thought talks taking leaps. All that and much, much more. Its Friday, have a Session. Listen On SoundCloud

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