March 1, 2019

Sessions, March 1, 2019 – Guest – Maestro Fresh Wes

This is a throw down!

The Godfather of Canuck Rap joins Barry and Matt to chat about the 30 year anniversary of his biggest album, Symphony in Effect.

The boys discuss the legacy of the album and if he feels the weight of being a founding member of Canadian hip-hop. He’s got thoughts on the subject and is free with sharing them.

How did “Let your backbone slide” come to be? When did know things had crossed over into superstardom?

Wes charts his transition from rapping to acting and how he landed a spot on Mr. D, with Gerry Dee.

Where is his career headed and why did he feel the need to celebrate 30 years of the Maestro with a brand new album? What’s the connection between Neil Young, Leonard Cohan and the Maestro? You’ll find out.

The Opening Track features a visit from Kurt Nielsen and discusses the upcoming Elton John Biopic.

Crazy Stories focuses on popping balloons and wedding music brawls. A typical day in the land of ridiculous.

A Pause for Thought and In My Life chart bumps in the road.

The Sessions poll results are revealed.

All that and more…

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