November 16, 2018

Sessions, Nov. 16, 2018 – Guest – Derek Sharp Of The Guess Who

Those are some shoes to fill! Derek Sharp, longest tenured lead singer of The Guess Who, joined Barry in studio to talk about how it came to be that he’s the frontman of the band. The guys dish about Derek’s journey that featured many of the locales that Barry frequented. Burgers were flipped. Burgers were eaten. Music was played and career paths were carved out. Derek talks family – particularly his famous wife. From humble beginnings to playing in an iconic Canadian institution – Derek takes us through the “how” in how it came to pass. The Opening Track focuses on being in a massively popular band but being flat broke. A Pause for Thought is kind. In My Life Celebrates. Crazy Stories talks holograms and nuptials and hurls Matt into such hysterics that he has trouble working through his story. The results of the Sessions Poll are definitive and clear. Listen On SoundCloud

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