November 23, 2018

Sessions, Nov. 23, 2018 – Guest – George Belanger Of Harlequin

***WARNING*** Some of the language in this episode may not be suitable for all listeners and in the workplace. Listener discretion is advised. One of the most affable guests in recent memory joins us for a chat. George Belanger, lead singer of Canadian rock band Harlequin, joined Barry and Matt for a chat that turned into one of the nicest interactions in Sessions history. George is a true gentleman. Full of stories, quick to laugh and just an all around fun guy. He talks about being an aging rock star, dealing with record labels, the genesis of the band and a trip to Timmins, ON that was chaperoned by a James Bond villain. He’s a family man and a husband that just happens to be the lead singer of a famous rock band. Sit back, smile at the F-bombs and enjoy spending time with the salt of the earth. Kurt Nielsen joins us for the opening track to discuss the biggest free agent on the planet. Forget sports, she’s the biggest free agent EVER. Kurt truly is a gem. Crazy Stories gets frigid, homicidal and NAKED. So… the typical. The results of the Sessions Poll are revealed. They’re Maroon. All that and dollops more. He’s Catholic, he sings rock and he’s wonderful. Spend some time with George. Listen On SoundCloud

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