November 30, 2018

Sessions, Nov. 30, 2018 – Guest – Angela Harris

Authentic Country from the Country. Angela Harris, BC based singer/songwriter joins Matt and Barry to discuss fulfilling what she was put here to do – be a Country singer. Angela charts her journey from the rural British Columbia to Nashville and back into Canada. She discusses her songwriting process and where she finds inspiration. The chat swerves into a discussion about mental health and how that influences Angela’s songwriting. She’s clear and concise in her prose and is warm and welcoming in tone. Angela is a natural speaker and you’re gonna adore her serenity. The Opening track jumps from Def Leppard to The Rolling Stones. Kurt Nielsen joins he guys to mediate the proceedings. He also pours gasoline on the fire. Crazy Stories talks otters and storage units. A Pause for Though gets nailed. In My Life is a snapshot of 18 year olds. The results of the Sessions Poll are revealed. Grab a cup of tea and sit and listen to one of the most serene guests to ever grace Sessions. Listen On SoundCloud

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