November 9, 2018

Sessions Nov. 9, 2018 – Guests – Francine Honey, Kenny Wayne

Not one, but two songwriters! Francine Honey quit her stable job to pursue music full time and never looked back. She talks about how she is thinking outside the box with generating an income in music and what the first six months were like after she cut the corporate tether. Its a wonderful story about taking the plunge. In a similar vein, Kenny Wayne, renowned Blues Pianist, chats with Barry and Matt about releasing his first album at age when many are beginning to slow down. Kenny’s love of the blues and chatting about the style of music that stirs his soul is infectious. Kurt Nielsen joins the boys on the Opening Track to talk holograms, Star Wars and Prince. You know – the usual. Crazy Stories engages in redefining an age… In My Life is a love letter to pizza while A Pause for Thought makes a stop in New Mexico. The results of the Sessions Poll are revealed. Yeah! All that in a little over an hour. Phew. Keep up, its coming at ya fast! Listen On SoundCloud

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