October 12, 2018

Sessions, Oct. 12, 2018 – Guest – Colin James

A Canadian music icon. Colin James, a name many of you know, was joined by Barry for a one on one, on location chat. Everything from the genesis of his stage name (spoiler: Colin James is not his real name) and who gave it to him and his feelings about his iconic first album are all discussed. Songwriting, producing and touring are just some of the areas the guys venture into. Colin talks being a blues artist, meeting and playing some of the industries all stars and where he’s headed. It almost sounds like fiction when you hear it told like this. Crazy Stories gets prankish is absolutely maniacal ways. Ebay and Amazon feature heavily. A Pause for Thought talks Chinese Military Strategy. In My Life is all about inter band dynamics. The results of the first ever Sessions Poll are revealed. Kick back and listen to a legend open up! Listen On SoundCloud

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